Sunday, April 17, 2011

College is a Game - & You Should Come Out On Top

Post-secondary education is a game; as many of us who have successfully navigated and worked in its hallowed corridors can attest. First and foremost, the new student must realize that colleges and universities are businesses. No matter what their slogans say, their existence is predicated on their ability to make money. This is not to say that they do not do good things for their students, far from it, a person's earning potential increases significantly with a simple associates degree. Job security is also increased, and this is to say nothing of the non-tangible benefits of having some acquaintance with the arts, sciences, and letters of our world. It is an impoverished soul who has not been acquainted with the great philosophers, and gained an understanding of how the world operates through a science curriculum.

Consider the following links on the benefits of a college education:
State Farm's Statistics on earning potential
USA Today: Amount of Schooling Affects Earning Potential
Bureau of Labor Statistics: More Education Means Higher Earnings for Life
Occupation Outlook Quarterly: College at Work: Outlook and earnings for college graduates, 2000-2010

So, there you have it, I could devote pages to proving links like this - studies show that a college education is worth it. However, these are all very general studies. Not all college degrees are equal, and not all institutions are either. Even so, one could get a degree from Harvard that was completely worthless if they didn't study the right subjects, get the right experience and make the right connections.

That is what this website is about; helping those new to the college experience avoid making the costly mistakes that so often turn a valuable degree into a very costly piece of paper. Stay tuned to this website as we guide the new student through the college process from beginning to end.

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